Colway Colvita 60 caps.

Natural Collagen in Capsules COLVITA 60 caps.

Natural Collagen + Algae + Vitamin E

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Colvita is a biologically active collagen in capsule form, which serves the structure of new cells.
COLVITA is a complete set of amino acids.

- Rejuvenating mature skin
- Deep skin moisturizing and toning,
- Firming and tightens sagging skin
- Delaying the ageing process.
- Improving skin compactness and pigmentation
- Reduceing the appearance of puffiness of dark circles around eyes.
- Initiate the process of skin regeneration.
- Hair and nail regeneration: grey hair gets darker, brows and
eyes lashes start growing again, nails get harder and elastic.
- Helpful  in weightloss
Natural Fish Collagen,  Algae,  Elastin,  Vitamin E,
Lactic Acid,  Gelatine (capsules coating)
Reccomended use:
2 capsules per day, the best is to take it with or
after a meal because of the Vitamin E which is a fat-soluble.

The powder of algae is a supplementation bombshell.  It is rich in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, chromium, zinc and iodine, both organic (diiodotyrosine) as well as inorganic. One can find in here vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Carbohydrates, fibre, polysaccharides and amino acids. Polyphenols, carotene and mannitol, and bioflavonoids.   After removing the sodium chloride, the powdered and micronized algae constitute an almost perfectly balanced complex of vitamins, macro and micro elements and other valuable substances. They are therefore easily digestible and easily absorbed because their mineral composition resembles our body fluids.


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60 caps.
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