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Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Radiance C+ Launch Promotion Cream + C10 Serum + Eye Contour


Timexpert Radiance C+ Launch Promotion Cream + C10 Serum + Eye Contour

The best antioxidant with Pure Vitamin C

The Radiance Launch set includes:
- Illuminating Antioxidant Cream 50ml
- Pure C10 Concentrate 3x10ml
- Illuminating Antioxidant Eye Contour 15ml


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Illuminating Antioxidant Cream 50 ml

The vital energy of Vitamin C in a formula that provides maximum protection against skin ageing. The skin is left more beautiful, glowing as ever. The face loses its dull appearance, the skin tone becomes even and the complexion becomes firmer and more hydrated.
For normal skin with a tendency to dryness.

How to use:
Apply on cleansed face, neck and decolletage every morning and/or night with a stimulating massage.

Pure C10 Concentrate with Vitamin C 3 x 10 ml

With 10% of Pure Vitamin C, this powerful antioxidant serum becomes an extraordinary booster of glow and energy thanks to the synergy created with the rest of ingredients. The HLG nanopolymer favours the permeation of ascorbic acid, which is multiplied x6.
Clinically proven efficacy.

How to use:
activate the mixture according to the instructions and shake well the container before each use. Spread the product on cleansed face, neck and decolletage every morning and wait until its total absorption before applying your usual treatment. For enhanced results, apply every day until the serum is used up.

Antioxidant Illuminating Eye Contour 15 ml

The antioxidant care restores the glow of the eye contour.
Illuminates, revitalises and refreshes immediately the eye contour. The signs of fatigue fade, fine wrinkles tend to vanish and the tone becomes more even. The eye contour area is left deeply hydrated and supple.

How to use:
spread on cleansed skin morning and night with stimulating touches.

Active Ingredients:

With a high hydrating and nourishing power and made up of Hyaluronic Acid, Lysine and Glutamic Acid, this compound nourishes skin cells and allows a sustained release of the active ingredients, thus undertaking an overall anti-ageing action.
*Clinically proven efficacy.

- Multiplies 6 times the effectiveness of Pure Vitamin C
- Nourishes cells in-depth and allows a sustained release of the active ingredients
- Stimulates cell metabolism, thus maximising the benefits of the formula, while providing extraordinary levels of hydration

Pure Vitamin C10%
Encapsulated to preserve its whole effectiveness at the moment of its use.
- More luminosity
- More youthful and radiant skin
- Visible reduction of darkspots
- Improvement of firmness
- Antioxidant effect

All products containing Pure Vitamin C10%

Vitamin C,
a booster of vitality, is one of the top ingredients that are most appreciated by dermatologists. A daily use photoprotector necessary for all skin types.

- Antioxidant shield
- Luminosity and glow
- Reduces darkspots and evens pigmentation
- Generates new collagen and provides firmness
- Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Evens skin tone
- Brighten up complexion
- Maintains and repairs damaged skin

Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP)
provides all the benefits of Vitamin C with a more effective penetration to enhance its firming, brightening and protecting action.

Applying Vitamin C to skin has a stronger effects than when taken orally as it lasts in the skin for up to three days.

- Stimulates production of collagen
- Brightens and revitalises
- Evens out skin tone
- Reduces high colour
- Repairs damaged skin – great after sun exposure

All products containing Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP)

Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid
Associated to Vitamin C, they enhance its activity and have excellent photoprotecting benefits.

- Work against fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, and other signs of premature aging
- Act as a shield to protect against free-radical formation
- Reduces the potential for sagging skin
- Decreases uneven skin tone by redness
- Keep skin moist
- Protects from the sun


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