Colway Blue Diamond Spectrum ampoules 9 x 2ml


Colway Blue Diamond Spectrum ampoules

9 x 2ml

Unique set for two-stage, intensive and highly effective skin revitalization, regeneration and lift.

- Improvement in appearance progresses in the days following the treatment thanks to transdermal stimulation of the biopotential of skin stem cells – this tissue is revitalized and regenerated.
- Increasing firmness and suppleness due to the stimulated production of collagen and elastin
- Shallowing of wrinkles.
- Strongly stimulated production of skin protein.


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A two-step strategy consisting first in preparing the skin to receive active substances and then enriching it with these ingredients, is extremely effective in revitalizing and regenerating the tissue. This translates into visible, beneficial improvement in appearance, leaving the skin is rejuvenated and smoothed. The level of changes can be compared to the effects achieved thanks to invasive procedures carried out in professional aesthetic medicine.

Each BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM set contains 9 ampoules: 2 are used for enzymatic peeling to prepare the skin for the reception of serum ingredients, and the remaining 7 are intended for proper care. In this way, the skin undergoes two-stage, intensive and highly effective revitalization, regeneration and lifting – from the level of its deep layers and fibroblasts. This is possible thanks to the use of very effective penetration promoters (glycosaminoglycans), also found in the BLUE DIAMOND cream and peeling.

The effectiveness of BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM ampoules is visible immediately after use, and in the next few weeks the skin becomes prettier and healthier.

- Skin lifting effect without surgical intervention.
- Stimulation of the skin’s natural regeneration potential and restoring its proper biological balance.
- Light, odorless water formula, thanks to which ampoules have numerous applications and can be applied directly to the skin or used as an additive for enriching cream.
- Supply of bio-components to all skin layers thanks to the use of penetration promoters.

    For all skin types.
    For use either directly on the skin or to enrich cosmetics.
    Especially recommended for the care of the face, neck and cleavage skin of mature skin that requires immediate revitalization, regeneration and smoothing.

How to use:
- Start by thoroughly washing and cleansing your face of make-up and impurities.
- For the first two days, use an ampoule with enzymatic peel (2 pcs. in the package
    – milky yellowish color). Shake gently before opening. Open with a special breaker included in the package. With clean hands, spread the contents of the ampoule on the skin with gentle massage movements. Leave for few to several minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently dry face with towel. Apply a skin care cream.
- For the next 7 days, apply the contents of the ampoules to the skin (7 pieces in the package – bluish color). Apply a skin care cream.


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