BCN Polyvitamins - Nutritive Solution - 10 x 2ml Ampoule


BCN Polyvitamins - Nutritive Solution 

10 x 2 ml Ampoule, 0,07 fl.oz

Polyvitamins nutritive solution provides deep dermo-nutrition, smooths skin texture and has an antioxidant effect.


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- Anti ageing,
- Hair loss
- Scars

Polyvitamins Nutritive Solution is a powerful vitamin complex that delivers deep dermo-nutrition. It supplies essential energising elements that stimulate the skin cells’ natural processes. The vitamins A, C, E combined with B-Complex fight against devitalised dermal appearance. Skin’s texture is smoothed by this highly anti-oxidant cocktail, balancing cutaneous nutritional deficiencies caused by external and internal factors.

These powerful vitamins cocktail offers various benefits to the skin as stimulation of collagen synthesis; refinement of the skin surface; anti-inflammatory effects; antioxidant effects, particularly appreciated since free radicals generated by UV light or pollutants are effectively neutralised and no longer able to damage skin cells; skin-lightening effects or vasodilator effects, enhancing blood circulation of the scalp and stimulating the metabolism of hair follicles.

Active ingredients:
Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B3, B5, B6.

How to use:
Topical use, do not inject
Mesotherapy and microneedling serum
apply on clean and dry body skin and massage until complete absorption.

The BCN Classics products belong to the Institute BCN mesoceuticals® range. They are pure active ingredients, pharmaceutical quality formulations meticulously selected. They are sterile (no preservatives or additives), so they achieve a great tolerance. They can be used alone or be combined with other products from both BCN Classics and BCN Cocktails.

The Institute BCN Classics, combined with the most advanced transdermal delivery systems, provide patients the benefits of traditional mesotherapy but with a non invasive, safe and painless treatment, with no side effects and immediate results.

Also they allow to create 100% customised treatments for each patient in order to effectively fix in a personalised way aesthetic problems such as skin ageing, localised fat, spots, hair loss, flaccidity, cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars


Data sheet

10 x 2ml
Skin Type
All Skin Type
Target area
How to use
mesopen/ microneedling/roller
Country of origin