Montibello Gold Oil Essence The Tsubaki Oil 130 ml


A line of multi-functional cosmetics based on oils: Tsubaki or amber and argan


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Volume: 130 ml

A line of multi-functional cosmetics based on oils: Tsubaki or amber and argan. The composition of cosmetics from the Gold Oil Essence line is inspired by the Far East tradition. Natural anti-age oil.

Intended for mature, gray or dyed hair. The product's task is to prevent hair marking, such as insufficient nutrition, low moisture levels or lack of gloss, as well as color protection.

It contains a high content of polyphenols and omega-6 and omega-9 types of fat, which in functions with active ingredients that are effective in the absorption of essential nutrients for Italian, which: restore the amino acid activity of the Italian cuticle, nourish the Italian bark, strengthening it from inside and giving, they give shine, help fight skin inflammation, dandruff and irritation.

The protective effect is enhanced by the presence of vitamin E, acetates and UVA-UVB sun filters guaranteeing protection against sun rays. The product applied to slightly damp or dry hair gives them shine and reduces their frizz. It can be used as a mask - closes the cuticle and deeply moisturizes with prolonged use.

Tsubaki oil - is obtained from the so-called Japanese winter rose, which covers the winter in extreme conditions, supplying seeds with rich protective ingredients. The process of manual collection and pressing of cold seeds allows for maximum preservation of their nutrients. This agent has been used in Japan not only for hair, but also for skin care.

Wet hair - additional nutrition, moisturizing and regeneration:
Apply a few drops of product to your hand, depending on the amount and thickness of your hair. Apply the oil to damp, towel-dried hair. The product will soon be very absorbed, do not rinse it off. Start modeling and enjoy the effect of proper, healthy hair.

Dry hair - exceptional softness, vitality and shine:
Apply the product on the lengths and ends of the hair. Just a few drops is enough to give your hair a spectacular shine and tame unruly strands. Finish your hair the way you like it.


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